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Hekima Place

With secondary students scheduled to return to school, I took time to talk with them about my work.

I showed the girls some of my products and explained how I had to first create a business in order to generate income to fund the tuition payments for the girls we support.

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Safe Haven

As we drive up the hill, gears grinding, toward Hekima Place, I am struck by the beauty of the Ngong Hills that surround us.

As we enter the gates of the orphanage, an entirely different beauty strikes me: the grounds of Hekima and the joy on the faces of the children who run toward us.

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School of Hope – June 24 2014

With yesterday’s visit to Kibera in mind, I went to the school and interviewed Father Terry Charlton, Brother Charles Mugisa, and numerous teachers looking for their perspectives on education in Kenya, what inspired them to take part in teaching these desperately marginalized students. My first interview was with Brother Charles, the Principal, who has been […]

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Kibera – June 23 2014

I returned to the school early in the morning to meet the three girls sponsored by Reverse The Course, Eunice, Joylet and Marlin. We were joined by Mr. Doula, a male teacher, who grew up in Kibera and was a graduate of St. Al’s. I planned to visit the girls’ homes, learn more about their […]

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