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Reverse The Course Announces

The International Day of the Girl

Limited Nine Piece Collection

 Inspired by the film, Girl Rising



The Catalyst


The Courageous


The Defender


The Dreamer


The Emancipated


The Hopeful


The Phoenix


The Undaunted


The Warrior


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Todays featured product from the Reverse the Course charity foundation

Hi, I'm glad you are visiting my website. I'm Mary Grace, founder of Reverse The Course; it is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Foundation. If you have a minute, I'll tell you my story. I am like a lot of girls. I have a brother and sister and am...

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We won! And it was your votes, enthusiasm, and support that made all the difference!! To each and every person who voted daily, posted on Facebook, told their family and their friends, thank you so very much. This grant will help make a huge...


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Reverse the Course charity foundation - Helping Educate Girls in Underprivileged Countries

Our Mission

Reverse The Course Foundation is dedicated to directly impacting lives by assisting girls in under-developed communities attend school.

Begun as a business in 2009 by 12-year-old Mary Grace, Reverse The Course is currently supporting girls in four countries: Uganda, Kenya, Paraguay and Haiti.

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